Double Layer Gun Belt

When it comes to open or concealed carry, your belt is the foundation for everything else. A good, sturdy belt is absolutely necessary to support the weight of your firearm/ mags/ etc.

Hopp Custom Leather belts are made of an outside layer of beautiful “English Bridle” leather and an interior layer of bullhide. The result is one SOLID belt that is nice enough to wear with most dress slacks, yet strong enough to support your firearm for everyday carry.

Belts are offered in black or medium brown with a number of thread color options. Each belt has 7 holes spaced 1” apart. All belts measure 1.5” wide and approximately .25” thick. High quality, sturdy buckles are available in stainless steel or brass finish. Buckles and belt keepers are attached with “Chicago” screws, which allow you to easily switch to the buckle of your choice.

* Exotic inlays or full overlays are also available. Please contact for pricing.

Base Pricing

Size: 29"- 49" = $80.00
Size: 50"- 59" = $90.00
Size: 60"- 70" = $100.00

Belt Sizing

Each belt is made to the specific size that you provide. Please do not estimate or use your normal pant size when ordering a belt, as these measurements may vary greatly. For proper belt sizing, please measure from the “buckle fold” to the hole that you normally use when carrying. See the image below.
Once a belt is made to your specified measurement, it cannot be returned. Please measure twice ;)

Custom Belt Sizing