Frequently Asked Questions
A collection of questions we field on a daily basis.

I just received my Hopp Custom Leasther holster/belt, what now?

For leather break-in and care click here.

Do you make Shoulder holsters, Ankle holsters, Small of Back holsters, etc?

As of right now I am only offering the products seen on the website. I plan on adding more products in the future, but the development process takes time. That said, money talks! If you have a special one-off project, feel free to ask.

Do you make holsters out of horsehide?

I use horsehide for belt loops and reinforcement pieces… but the overall quality of available horsehide has declined recently. If I can get my hands on enough horsehide nice enough for a Hopp Custom holster, I may add it as an option. The cowhide I use has a very tight grain and forms nice and rigid. Each holster is sealed with an Acrylic finish to resist moisture. I actually prefer it to horsehide… and I think you will too :)

Do you use plastic or steel to reinforce your holsters / belts?

No. There are a number of reasons that I don’t use any metal or plastics in my holsters. The main reason being that it simply isn’t necessary. Your Hopp Custom holster is made of top grain leather that forms very stiff. It does an excellent job of staying open and keeping it’s shape without additional materials. Same goes for the belts.

Can I get my holster made with a thumb-break?

Unless you are LEO, Military, or open carry as part of your daily job… I normally advise against a thumb-break. Your Hopp Custom holster is hand formed to fit your specific gun model. Excellent gun retention is something I pride myself in. You may even think it is too tight at first! Thumb-breaks or other positive retention straps may give you a bit of personal comfort, but they can also hinder your ability to quickly draw your weapon.

What exotic skins do you have?

I wish I could keep every different type and color of exotic skin in stock… but that would be way too costly. I normally try to keep shark, croc / gator, hippo, elephant, stingray, ostrich, lizard, and a few others in the shop. If you have a specific type and color in mind, let me know and I will do my best to find it! Also, check out the Photo Gallery for examples of different exotics.

Should I get belt clips or belt loops for IWB (Inside the Waistband) carry?

This is mostly a matter of personal preference. The metal belt clips make the holster easy to put on and take off. They also give you the ability to tuck your shirt in between the holster and clips. They can also be adjustable on IWB Only holsters. That all said, the metal belt clips can be rough on anything they come into contact with on a regular basis (i.e. your belt, clothing, car upholstery, etc.) The leather belt loops are made of horsehide and use “Pull-the-Dot” directional snaps. They are very secure and some might say they are more comfortable than the belt clips. However, they are not adjustable or “tuckable”. All things to consider.

Do I need double stitching on my holster / belt?

Double stitching is not absolutely necessary. However, it never hurts to have an additional row of stitching… and it also looks great on your belt or holster!

Does the airbrush finish wear off?

Not at all. I use leather dye for the airbrush effect to give a holster that “sunburst” appearance. Once it is airbrushed on, the dye will not come off.

Are the belt clips / belt loops removable?

Absolutely. The clips and belt loops are secured using a screw and t-nut. They can be completely removed for OWB carry and easily put back on for IWB carry. This applies to the OWB/IWB holster models.

Do you line your holsters?

Nope. Suede lining is tanned with chemicals that will rust your gun. Lining can also trap dirt and moisture particles, causing more damage to your firearm. While no gun is immune to some holster wear over time, a proper fitting holster is the best way to minimize the amount of wear your holster has on a gun.

Do you make holsters for guns with flashlight rail attachments?

No. There are too many variations of lights, lasers, etc. to keep up with. Multiply those by the number different gun models, and it would be very difficult to have a mold for all the possible combinations. However, if you have a Crimson Trace, Lasermax, etc. mounted to your firearm, and are willing to ship the laser to me… I can normally make a holster for that.

What holsters do you have in stock?

Not a single holster :) Every holster is custom made to order for you! Until further notice, I do not have any “ready to ship” holsters or belts in stock.

What is a sweat-shield?

The “sweat-shield”... also referred to as a “body shield”, “sweat guard”, etc. is a piece of leather that extends upwards on the back piece of the holster. This piece of leather provides a barrier between your body and the slide of the firearm. It does not cover the mag release or grip of the gun. A popular option for IWB holsters.

What is a reinforcement piece?

A reinforcement piece is simply an additional piece of horsehide (or exotic) leather, sewn to the mouth of the holster. Along with looking nice… It adds thickness to the mouth of the holster… and area that takes a lot of abuse when re holstering your firearm. A popular option for OWB holsters.