Pricing & Orders
Current lead time is Approximately 6-8 months.


Holster Style                                     Starting Price
OWB only 75.00
OWB/IWB "Combo" 90.00
IWB Only 85.00
IWB w/ Single Clip 70.00
Single Mag Carrier 45.00
Double Mag Carrier 60.00
Double Layer Belt 80.00
Additional Options Starting Price
Decorative Stamping 5.00
Airbrush Finish 15.00
Horsehide Reinforcement Piece 12.50
Body/ Sweat-Shield 12.50
Double Stitching 12.50
Exotic Trim 30.00
Exotic Belt Loops 35.00
Exotic Partial Overlay 65.00
Exotic Inlay 90.00
Full Exotic Front Price on Request
Other Exotic Skins Price on Request


All Hopp Custom Leather products are custom and therefore require direct communication throughout the entire process. Please fill out the following form to get started today. I normally ask for at least half $ down when the order is placed. I accept payment via Paypal, check, or credit card. Please do not send any type of payment until we have discussed the details of your order. Once the funds are received, your order is added to the list! The full balance will be due when your leather is ready to ship.
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* Be sure to check measurement instructions before placing your belt order.